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There are so many fulfilling aspects of starting a local USPF chapter.

  1. Truly help people in your community and around the country
  2. Become a leader through true experience
  3. Work with some of the best people you'll meet

And so much more! Read more on why you should start a local USPF chapter.

1) Eligibility requirements

Make sure you meet all three (3) of these eligibility requirements before submitting your form!

  1. You are the Age of Majority in your jurisdiction (18 in all U.S. States and Territories except Alabama [19], Mississippi [21], and Nebraska [19]), are an emancipated minor, or have permission from a non-minor cosigner for legal documents.
  2. Have an approved government identification document and a social security number (this will only be used for tax and legal purposes. We will never ask for your visa or endorsement page of your Passport. We also accept Driver's Licenses and Non-Driver Identification Cards that have "FDERAL LIMITS APPLY" text on it. NOTE: This document can also be used as your proof of address).
  3. Have a proof of address (Driver's License, Non-Driver Identification Card, Utility Bill, Bank Statements, Health Insurance, Rental Contract, etc.).

Basically, we need to make sure that contracts you sign are enforceable by courts and confirm the region you will be the Regional Director on.

NOTE: Having a criminal record does NOT disqualify you. We do not count criminal charges against you unless the nature of your convicted crime is violent, sexual, or fraudulent. As such, we will ignore all other aspects of your criminal record in our background check.

2) Tell Use That You're Interested!

Tell us that you're interested in becoming a USPF Executive Director for your region by either filling out this form online or printing and completing this form and mailing it to our headquarters at 388 Market Street, Suite 1300, San Francisco, California 94111. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Our usual response time is around three days.

There are two outcomes:

  1. You can't start a USPF Division. This could be because you don't meet one of the eligibility requirements, there already is (or we are in the process of forming) a USPF Division in your region (if this is a case, look into starting a local chapter), or for any number of regions that will be explained in the response
  2. More likely, you pass and are given the title of Interim Regional Founder of your region if you so choose. This does not, however, necessarily mean that you will become a Regional Director. You will receive an

3) Actually Starting One Up

If you choose to accept, yay! We are so glad that you are on board to lead change instead of watching it happen. Please reply to our response by either email or mail with your identification document, your proof of address, and a note saying that you wish to accept the title of Interim Regional Founder.

Look out for a lot of communication during this period of time. We're going to work with you to set up a Regional USPF Headquarters, a website, and official USPF documents (including a signed and stamped charter, official USPF seals, stamps, stationary, etc. for your use, USPF business cards, an email that is, and a whole lot more). Depending on the jurisdiction you're in, we may also need to do some legal work to register this division as a legal subsidiary of the United States Progress Foundation.

During this time, you'll also be recognized as the USPF Regional Director of your region.

4) Share the Big News!

Now that you've completed this entire process, it's time to show off your new gear! You'll be issued a ton of USPF gear as well as brand new business cards and a USPF ID card that can get you into any USPF office! Feel free to stop at another branch or our headquarters any time for a cup of coffee or to meet new people!

We encourage new Regional Directors to host fundraisers and other events to gain new members and to start donating to the community.

5) What Do You Do After?

In general, you run a day-to-day office, plan fundraisers, and participate in nation-wide USPF events. Read more about what a USPF Division does in the next article.